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Not every day can be spent outdoors.  What can a hedgehog do for indoor fun?

Murray, alarm clock, and phone at Lodge Alley.jpg (16950 bytes)Hedgehogs need to be supervised while outside their cage or terrarium.  At some point, we would have loved to give Murray her own "room," but barring that, she played in her spacious pet corral or around the apartment, usually in the early evening under someone's watchful eye.  We lined her pet corral with vellux blankets, which we purchased as seconds and cut into pieces that fit perfectly.  They get thrown in the wash every couple of days and voila! clean corral.  

Mvc-003f.jpg (58913 bytes)
She had a wheel in her corral, which she loves to use when it's dark and quiet, but has been more and more comfortable during the daylight hours.  The craft foam lining on the wheel helped to protect her little feet and served as a disposable liner, since she, like most hedgehogs, will soil her wheel.  She was usually awake and running when on her wheel, but she did take a little catnap occasionally!

Murray through tubeShe also enjoyed playing with toilet paper tubes, which seems to be almost a universal trait among hedgehogs.  There have been warnings that some hedgehogs can get their heads caught in the tubes, but Murray didn't have that problem.  I made a couple of tubes out of craft foam for her, since they look a little nicer and are soft, in case she bonked into a wall.  She became very attached to the new tubes! 

Murrays_scrunch_face_in_new_hedgebag.jpg (5185 bytes)
Murray slept in a pillowcase or a custom-made critter cozy (made by Lenny Groves).  She was very attached to her new cozy and was occasionally reluctant to emerge, as the photo at right shows.  She would occasionally drag her pillowcase or bag over to her food dish so she didn't even have to get out of "bed" while eating (as evidenced by photo at left).  When allowing a hedgehog to sleep in a fabric bag of any kind, you have to be careful to watch for loose strings which could become wrapped around tiny feet or legs.

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