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Meet Murray the Hedgehog! was featured on ZDTV's program Internet Tonight on February 23-24, 1999!  Murray has been on television before, as a "correspondent" from the 1998 Lowcountry Pet Expo, but we are very honored to have been selected (and probably laughed at, too).

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Noted breeder Tig Means gave us the Nanny Ogg Premium Pog Award.

Murray and her ladybug costume won for Funniest Costume in AcmePet's Halloween Pet Costume Contest.  

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Pet Lovers' Connection (a site well worth visiting) awarded Meet Murray the Hedgehog! their "You're the Best" award for pet-related web sites.


Pawprint selected Murray as their Feature Creature for Summer 1998!  To see her photo and write-up, go to the Summer 1998 edition of Pawprint Update and scroll down quite a bit.

Hedgehog Heaven awarded Murray Velcro's Princely Pog Award, even though she is a hedgehog-ess!

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Murray was chosen to be Pet of the Day for April 27, 1998.  She was the first hedgehog to receive this honor.  You can still see her write-up and pictures in the archive section.

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We have obtained a copy of the issue of the Current, one of Charleston's free weekly newspapers, that featured a balled-up Murray on the front cover.  Click on the cover to see a larger version.

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Murray now has her official Certificate of Registration from the International Hedgehog Registry. If you have a hedgehog, please register him or her. This helps with gathering hedgehog population information and preventing inbreeding.

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And finally ... a little more humor courtesy of my husband Chopper, who has been enjoying the copy of Adobe PhotoDeluxe that came with our scanner. 

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