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Murray peers cutely over grass.jpg (22509 bytes)Murray loved to play in the grass of the nearby Methodist Church.  She liked to visit Heather's parents in Huntsville, Alabama and was incredibly happy to spend a while playing in the tall clover in their front yard.   The grass -- taller than she was -- provided an interesting place for her to burrow and explore and the great outdoors smelled a great deal more interesting than our apartment to her.

Murray plays with wood at Waterfront Park.jpg (36088 bytes)Murray also enjoyed the wide-open spaces of Charleston's lovely Waterfront Park. She posed here with a piece of non-descript wood, which she was quite content to climb upon. And as always, Heather and Chopper stood nearby, keeping two sets of watchful eyes on her every move.  Since Waterfront Park attracts a lot of tourists and people walking their dogs, Murray received a lot of attention from people who have never seen a hedgehog before.  She didn't seem to mind.

Murray climbing church steps.jpg (21485 bytes)Murray's favorite outdoor place was the Methodist Church near our apartment, which has wonderful gritty granite stairs which allowed her to climb as well as wear down her nails.  We were very thankful for this extra bonus, since hedgehog nails are incredibly hard to trim! Of course, a disclaimer: any hedgehog taken outdoors, or allowed indoor play time, must be extremely well-supervised.  They can get away from you quickly.  I can't stress this enough.  Hedgehogs are nocturnal, burrowing animals by nature and have a strong inclination to get themselves into small, dark spaces.  Any indoor space should be hedgehog-proofed to the best of your ability. 

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